|| कायकवे कैलास || 
Shri Sangameshwar Education Society's

Sangameshwar Junior College, Solapur

Kannada Linguistic Minority Institute

Biography of Sangameshwar College, Solapur

  • Shri Sangameshwar Education Society’s, Sangameshwar College, Solapur was established in June 1953 by Karmayogi: Late Shri. N. B. Kadadi and Late Shri. M. B. Kadadi. This institute is standing splendid and secrene at the historical saat rasta chowk, Solapur, bearing more than 5 decades of testimony to higher education.
  • Mission: “To spread education in general and instruct in any branch of knowledge whenever and wherever feasible”.
  • This academic institution has progressively proved a leader in Higher Education striving continuously to attend excellence under the able guidance of Chairman Smt. H.M. Kadadi and Secretary Shri. D. A. Kadadi. Under the strong capable inspiration of Incharge Principal Dr. D. D. Pujari, the self motivated staff are taking the institute towards higher goals and broader horizons. This renowned centre of learning has distinguished itself by preserving its heritage and is simultaneously forging ahead with times. The institute is a reservoir of quality personnel and the appointment of two of its faculty members to the coveted post of Vice-Chancellor has added more feathers to our cap. We are proud of Late Principal Shri K. Bhogishayana, Ex Vice-Chancellor of Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Dr. Iresh Swami, First Vice-Chancellor of Solapur University, Solapur and Dr. D. D. Pujari, Finance and A/c. officer, Solapur University, Solapur.