|| कायकवे कैलास || 
Shri Sangameshwar Education Society's

Sangameshwar Junior College, Solapur

Kannada Linguistic Minority Institute

From The Secretary's Desk


Shri D. A. Kadadi


Shri Sangameshwar Education Society, Solapur

Do not steal, do not kill, Do not utter lies;

Do not lose your temper. Do not detest others;

Do not glorify yourself. Do not blame others.

This alone is purity within. This alone is purity without;

And this alone is the way to please our Lord Kudalasangama.

The meaning of the above vachana and the words "Kayakwe kailas" by the cosmic Kannada poet-philosopher Lord Basavanna and the guiding lines for Shri Sanagameshwar Education Society, Solapur. As a part of social commitment of the former patrons, the Society is contributing towards the academic needs of the society. With the initiative of starting Sangameshwar Public School now we have education facilities from pre-primary to Ph.D. Recent recognition of linguistic Minority status to the Society is an added strength to our sincere efforts. With the supporting stake holders we are taking every effort to provide quality education to cater to the diverse demands of the society !!!